About us

Serving UAE since 2009

Since our company was founded in 2009, our aim has been singular: helping people

In the beginning, our tents provided needed shelter from harsh elements. In more modern times, we have turned our attention to helping people by creating impeccable shades around

Today, at Al Amani Speciality Structures we offer Design, Fabrication and Installation of various products and services including shade over the head and footing below the floor. Be it tensile shade structure, car parking shades, steel and aluminum tents, pergolas, awnings, outdoor umbrellas, tarpaulins, chain link fencing, and many more – we have helped to turn the concepts into successful shelters


Guided by our core values, our team is ready to help commercial and residential clients to make the project huge success. With a decade of experience in the shade structure industry there is no request so big or creative that “Al Amani Speciality Structures” can’t handle.

Core values

Serving with integrity is at our core

We have a positive attitude

At Al Amani Speciality Structures our team member bring a “can-do,will-do” attitude to work and to life. We understand challenges will arise and solving those to ensure our client success is team Al Amani Speciality Structures measure of success. We viewed challenges as opportunities to grow and be a better professional at the next work.

We are focused on details

We understand that success is found in the details of every project. We think of things that our client don’t consider. We review every order and every installation to sure the project will be executed with precision without mistake, the first time, and every time.

We take ownership

The shade structure business is unlike any other in that no two days are ever the same. We share our success and failures. This means that everyone at Al Amani Speciality Structures must make smart decisions and take actions that ensure customer and Al Amani success. The Al Amani team member makes these decisions with care and thoughtfulness and takes actions as if it was their project and their company

We keep our cool

Every giant given by our customers is the most important thing they do that year. As a result, the customer and other vendors will experience stressful situations when anything unexpected occurs. Al Amani members do not let stress impact their actions but rather we maintain our composure at times and focus on solving challenges and delivering a successful project.

We work with integrity

Character is crucial to living a successful life and one of the central elements of character is honesty and integrity. Maintaining principles throughout our personal and professional lives is a paramount importance to all Al Amani team members. We are honest in our interactions with others and take responsibility for all of our actions.

We are team players

We recognize that it take many people to make a project successful. Sales, in-house operations, delivery and install crews all need to do their jobs well so that our customer’s projects are executed flawlessly. We all rely and trust the rest of the team to bring their best to every job, every day. We enjoy working as a team and are happy to share the work and the credit for jobs well done.