We offer all kinds of retractable awnings for commercial and residential spaces across UAE to block sunlight and reduce the intensity of heat and keep the area cooler than the surrounding area. Unlike other awning suppliers in Dubai UAE, our awning shades are produced by one of the professional company in the awning industry i.e. Llaza in Spain use the highest quality materials.

We offer 2 types of retractable awnings first is cassette awnings and the second is monobloc awnings both are available in manual and motorized operations including mobile control, sensors, and motor control.

The frame is made up of powder-coated aluminum with designed thickness. The fabric is made up of polyethylene fabric also known as canvas fabric it is a lightweight fabric that blocks up to 90% UV radiation


Awnings in Dubai

In Dubai, UAE awnings become popular due to their multiple benefits. It is widely used to block the sunlight in various areas including entrance doors, windows, terraces, gardens, backyards, and many more.

Tailored awning services

We can customize all our awning shades to measured sizes, and colors as per the requirement demanded. It comes with a warranty of 2 years (t&c applied).

Awning services across UAE

Whether you’re looking for awnings in Dubai or across UAE as a leading awning supplier we provide awning services across the emirates including installation to various spaces.

Types of awnings as per operation
  1. Manual-operated awnings
  2. Motorized remote control awnings
  3. Smart sensor awnings
Economical & Aesthetically appealing awnings

Unlike other awning shades companies in UAE that sell imported awnings at high prices, our awning shades are highly economical and when fixed properly will create an appealing space on walls.

Installation of awning

Awnings shades are typically fixed on walls with reinforcement using special high-grade steel anchors. The aluminum frame is fixed on anchors to avoid any lateral movement during the wind. The fabric is pre-fabricated with the aluminum frame at the workshop. If properly installed like our technician does the awning stay for years without any issues

What is an Awning?

Awnings are pieces of fabric that are fixed to the outside of your house, placed above windows or doors, and hang over a porch, patio, or pathway. They can provide shade and sun protection both outside and indoors, stopping sunlight from entering through windows to minimize fading of artwork and furnishings and keeping the interior cool. Or Awnings are roof-like structures that are affixed to buildings and are typically placed over a window, door, or sidewalk, however there are also some for patios and other similar areas. You can also construct freestanding awnings in your yard!

Awnings are not as flexible as canopies because they are a permanent fixture on the exterior of your house and do not need to be disassembled. Window awnings and retractable awnings, which may be folded away when not in use, are the two primary categories of awnings.

Awnings can serve as a dry storage area for wet or muddy shoes and bikes due to their permanent nature; this is a better option than a hallway.

Despite varying in length, awnings are typically shorter than canopies. However, it’s crucial to select the appropriate size for your needs. A larger awning or even a canopy may be beneficial if you need a place to host parties and barbecues.

To complement the architecture of every house, a variety of colors, patterns, and designs are available. Awnings are permanent structures, so it’s best to pick some that go in with the current design and style of your garden, taking into account your outdoor furniture and window treatments.

Awnings are frequently used as a fixture for campers and motorhomes, providing a comfortable dining area.

What Material Do Awnings Contain?

They are often constructed from a fabric, such as cotton, polyester, or acrylic canvas, stretched over a framing composed of steel, wood, aluminum, or another strong enough material to produce a dependable, lightweight construction. Awnings can also be found made of metal, wood, and other materials. You can choose whether or not you want them out by having them be retractable.

Use of an awning in Dubai UAE?

Awnings serve a variety of functions. They can expand your roof, giving your house more weather protection. They offer protection from the elements and cover. Because they provide cover and shade, patio, freestanding, and other outdoor awnings turn your yard into an additional living area. Additionally, they raise the general appeal and value of your house. When wind or rain threatens, retractable awnings can be opened to cover your outdoor furniture, windows, and doors.

What Advantages Do Awning Offer?

Awnings have lots of advantages. The fact that awnings are intended to provide shelter, protection, and shade is one of its main advantages. Windows are protected by window awnings from the rain, hail, and other elements that could require more frequent window repairs. In addition to the other forms, patio, pergola, and freestanding awnings provide a way to provide protection from the sun and other elements. They also prevent your patio furniture from fading as quickly since they provide coverage.

Awnings safeguard not only the exterior but also the interior of your house. They prevent the outside elements from entering your home since they reach out over windows and doorways. This keeps the house cleaner during storm seasons and cooler during the summer.

Awnings improve the livability of an area by shielding it from the elements. People frequently don’t want to be outside in the sweltering summer heat. A place to rest in the shade outside is provided by awnings. Since they provide protection from the weather, they make it simpler to gather around a bonfire, cook outside, or just enjoy time with friends and family.

Awnings also raise the value of your house. They look good in addition to performing well. They increase the value of your property because of their attractiveness and the variety of uses they may be put to.

Different Types of Awnings

Awnings come in many different varieties. There are also the awnings on your doors and windows. Awnings come in a variety of styles, including patio, freestanding, carport, and others.

The awnings that cover your windows and doors are called window and door awnings. Usually, they fit on top of them.

Patio awnings are built to cover patios, can be freestanding, and are designed to improve outdoor living spaces.

Awnings for carports are created to shield automobiles and other vehicles from the elements.

These and other factors ensure that you can choose the best sorts of awnings for your home or place of business if you’re considering doing so.

What Distinctions Exist Between Awnings and Canopies?

You have the option to design a serene, protected outdoor area to enjoy no matter the weather with awnings or canopies. However, some consumers are unsure of the distinction between an awning and a canopy when buying an outside covering for their house.

We frequently desire to spend time outside, unwinding in the fresh air, with our families. Awnings and canopies are often the solution because the weather can interfere with that longing. They provide your garden with an overhang of protective cloth that shields you and your outdoor furniture from the glaring sun, UV rays, rain, and wind so you can enjoy your outdoor environment in comfort and shade.

Although the materials used to create awnings and canopies are similar and are intended to be strong and waterproof, there are a variety of material options available to meet your specific requirements.

Awnings and canopies differ from one another despite their similarities.