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Are you looking for top-notch car parking shades with reasonable prices in the UAE? Al Amani car park shades offer you best quality vehicle parking blinds at the low price car parking shades.

A car parking shade is just what you need to protect your cars or vehicles from the scorching heat of sun in UAE and the Middle East is a smart move, and a car parking shade is a fantastic solution. Typically, it’s made up of a steel frame covered with a roof material like HDPE, PVC, PTFE, and others. Each material has its own strengths and drawbacks, depending on what you need.

At Al Amani Car Park Shades, we specialize in crafting, designing, and installing a variety of car parking shades across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and the entire UAE. What sets us apart is our team’s use of the latest software tech in 2023. We leverage this technology for steel design, form-finding, foundation design, and fabric patterning. This approach allows us to create unique and reliable car park shade structures that are not only effective but also cost-efficient.

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CNC Mashrabiya Pattern Car Parking

car parking shades in dubai

Top Support Car Parking Shades

umbrella car parking shades in dubai uae

Umbrella Car Parking Shades

Truss car parking shades

Truss Car Parking Shades

bottom support car parking shades in dubai uae

Bottom Support Parking Shades

pyramid car parking shade in uae

Pyramid Car Parking Shades

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Double Sided Car Parking Shades

pergola car parking shade

Aluminum Pergola Shades

dome car parking shades in dubai uae

Dome Car Parking Shades

k span car parking shade in UAE

K Span Car Parking Shades

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Wall mounted Car Parking Shades

Conical car parking shade

Conical Car Parking Shades

grp car parking shades uae

GRP Car Parking Shades

car parking shade in uae

Double Sided Umbrella Car Parking

car parking shades in dubai uae

Aluminum/GI Sheet Car Parking

Why you need a Car Parking Shade in UAE

Besides having ultra-modern architecture, UAE is known for their hot climate and scorching sunlight, which can cause damage to car’s exterior and interior.

A car parking shade not only protects your cars from the sun harmful rays but additional adds aesthetic element of style to your home and businesses. With car parking shade, you can

  • Prevent from paint fading and cracking
  • Keep the interior cool and comfortable than the surrounding temperatures
  • Protects from dust and other weather conditions

Types of Car Parking Shades we offer

We offer a wide range of car parking shades to suit your needs and budget. Our options include:

  • Cantilever Parking Shade: Cantilever parking shades are popular in UAE due to their elegant and sleek design. They are usually made in combination of steel  come in a variety of colors and sizes. The cantilever design allows for maximum shade coverage without any poles or obstructions, making it an ideal choice for large parking areas including commercial, residential and industrial spaces
  • Tensile Parking Shade: Tensile parking shades are made of high-quality fabric and supported by steel poles. They are popular in UAE due to their lightweight design, versatility, and low maintenance. Tensile parking shades are available in a wide range of colors and shapes, making them perfect for adding a touch of style to your home or business.
  • Umbrella Parking Shade: Umbrella parking shades are a classic option and are popular in UAE due to their affordability and ease of installation. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are easy to set up and take down. Umbrella parking shades are perfect for those who want a simple and cost-effective solution for their car parking needs.

Why Choose Us as Your Car Parking Shade Supplier in UAE

At Al Amani Speciality Structures, we are committed to providing high-quality and economical car parking shade solutions in UAE. Here’s why you should choose us in UAE:

  • Quality Products: We use only the highest-quality materials to ensure our car parking shades are durable and long-lasting without any further maintenance.


  • Economical and Reasonable Prices: We offer competitive and reasonable prices without compromising on quality overall from fabrication to installation.


  • Professional Installation: Our experienced team of experts will install your car parking shade quickly and efficiently, ensuring it is secure and stable.
  • Wide Range of Options: We offer a variety of car parking shade options to suit your needs and budget.

Car Parking Shades Suppliers and Manufacturers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE

Car parking shades supplier and Manufacturers in UAE. At Alamani Speciality Structures We offer all kinds of car parking shades for commercial and residential spaces in UAE. Our parking shades protect the parked vehicles including cars, buses, ambulances from the scorching heat of the sun and block up to 95% of UV radiation coming  and keep the area cool from the surrounding temperatures.  If proper car park shades manufactured are installed for the vehicles it will keep the area cooler than the area around, reduce the heat, minimize the dust accumulation and keep the vehicle partially dry during rainwater. This things directly impacts the exterior and interior of the car for example it will add years to the paint quality, increases the life span of the interior dashboards, and keep the vehicles cool

car parking shade in uae

Why choose us as a car parking shades contractor?

Choose us if you are looking for quality and design. We maintain excellent quality from scratch to the final parking shade products and therefore our workmanship for it is widely accepted and appreciated among various leading consultants and contractors in UAE.

You might be wondering how we maintain the quality and how we do it right. It is simple we are highly equipped with relevant types of machinery which is required it execute the production and as we know equipment plays an immensely important role in the manufacturing process to maintain quality which includes cutting, welding, and painting.  

If you are looking for a professional car parking shade supplier and manufacturer who can work you’re your reputed consultants and contractors then you have come to the right place we are pleased to welcome you. Unlike other car parking shade suppliers in UAE, we have over a decade of experience to execute works as per consultants.

Car parking shades advantages and benefits

  1. Blocks more than 95% of UV radiation or solar radiation and keep the shaded area cooler than the surrounding area.
  2. Protects the vehicles from wanted dust generated from the surroundings.
  3. Shield from rainwater and storms.
  4. Appreciate the life of car paint including car interior and exterior.
  5. Protects the cars from bird shit which can ruin the car paint.
  6. Eliminate cracking of windscreen.
  7. Protects card from harsh weather conditions

Car Parking Shades Applications

  1. Small, Medium, and Large scale industries  parking area.
  2. Commercial Malls parking area.
  3. Universities and educational institutions’ parking areas
  4. Residential buildings & villas and many more 
  5. Commercial Buildings

Car Parking Shades Industries Since 2009

Unlike other car parking shades suppliers in UAE or car parking shades manufacturers who provide poor quality, our car parking products are produced with excellent quality using innovative latest types of machinery and backed by a team of quality control which works on standard inline with quality and safety management policies.

Established in 2009, Al Amani speciality structures industries LLC is a Sharjah-based experienced tents and shades company that is famous for supplying turnkey shade structures solutions within UAE and GCC region. We are always committed to producing and supplying the highest quality products and services to our clients across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE because we understand the importance of proper and qualified products to people’s daily life. 

As a leading car parking shades supplier and manufacturer with over decade of experience we excel at Concept Creation, Design Calculations, Fabrication and Installation. Since our inception our goal has been singular – “helping people” to support them to use our shading solutions to create vibrant space while increasing the quality living across UAE and GCC region.

Why choose us for car parking shades

We are not a typical car parking shades supplier in UAE who outsource all the work to subcontractors which eventually caused negligence in quality and low-performance structure which frequently fails in heavy winds

We are Car Parking Shades Industries with an in-house team of experienced architects, structural engineers, steel fabricators, quality control engineers, site engineers, project managers with dedicated fabrication units, painting booths, CNC machines, and many more in order to bring quality through innovation machinery.

Car Parking Shades Available Areas
car parking shades in dubai

Car Parking Shades Top Support

If you pay attention around across UAE most of the car parking shades owners preferred cantilever type of car parking shade instead of 4 column shade because it is convenient for anyone to park inside cantilever shades without any restriction from the front. As car parking shades suppliers we always want to give these shades of high quality while maintaining the commercial perspective. This type of car park shade is a little more economical than the other shades. When the design is prepared According to design both are safe when the correct calculation is performed otherwise the structure will eventually come down over time.

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Car Parking Shades Mahrabiya CNC Pattern

Due to its appealing Arabic pattern, most owner nowadays wants to select and fix mashrabiya or CNC parking shades instead of normal shades. As a CNC parking shades specialist and manufacturer, we ways come up with new and appealing patterns occasionally These parking shades are the perfect example of Arabic culture for almost anyone who is interested to make something unique in the market. The best thing it will look more amazing when some LED lighting is fixed properly within the structure. This will create light under the shade as

umbrella car parking shades in dubai uae

Car Parking Shades Mahrabiya Umbrella Type

Umbrella parking shades are very popular shades since the inception. Umbrella shades use a single pole instead of 2 or 4 poles and this shade makes it unique. These single poles are very heavy enough to stand the umbrella in heavy winds. The umbrella shades are very recognizable because of their dome shape around the emirates. This is a bit heavy and a little more expensive than most of the models. In umbrella shades, there is less chance of a clash between the vehicle and steel poles that why people who are looking for a convenient parking solution prefer this

umbrella car parking shades in dubai uae

Car Parking Shades K Span

K Span Shades are the perfect choice for anyone looking for years of sustainability. K span very is a bit more expensive than normal fabric shades. In K Span parking shades we use steel sheets of heavy-duty which went through a machine called the k span machine on the side and then it is fixed on the poles with rain gutters. The finished product is of very high quality and when it is fixed correctly it will stay for at least 10 to 15 years without any maintenance and some time with maintenance when properly done.

GRP car parking shade in uae

Car Parking Shades GRP

In terms of reliability, GRP car parking shades are overall one of the best parking shades and are mostly preferred by government offices and industries because of their irreplaceable strength in sun. This GRP material will work in heat as well as in rain. Most people don’t prefer this because it is a bit more expensive and heavy than normal car parking shades.

car parking shades in dubai uae

Car Parking Shades Corrugated Sheet

In Corrugated parking shades, we use the same steel and footings as normal car parking shades. The only change is done to the roof where we use heavy aluminum or G.I sheets of 0.7mm which cover the overall roof. These sheets are anti-corrosion and stay for years without any maintenance. We can use this in two-pole and 4 poles parking shades structures

car parking shade in uae

Car Parking Shades PVC Fabric

PVC fabric is a waterproof fabric with different technical properties and comes with a minimum 10 years warranty. In the PVC car parking shade, we use PVC fabric to cover the overall roof of the structure of the shade instead of a sheet. The steel structure will remain the same as well as the paint coating. With PVC as a fabric, we can create almost any shape therefore is no restriction around it. The fixing is a little different than most of the shades. Here we use an aluminum channel and Kedar rail.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric

Car Parking Shades HDPE Fabric

HDPE or High-density polyethylene is the most commonly used fabric in overall shades. This fabric is also known as mesh fabric because of the small space left for a free flow of air. This fabric also comes with a minimum 10 years warranty and various technical properties. This fabric is the most economical and long-lasting investment compared to other materials in the market. PVC and HDPE fabrics are mostly used across UAE and therefore we adopted them as a commonly advisable benchmark.

PVC fabrics

Car Parking Shades PTFE Fabric

PTFE car parking shades used PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene fabric to cover the overall roof instead of normal materials. This is a very strong and expensive fabric. We rarely see this type of fabric selection across the emirates. But due to its strength and properties, the most client is turning toward PTFE fabric. This fabric usually comes with a minimum warranty of 15 years and of course with different technical specifications.

What is a parking shade?

A parking shade is basically a cover or shelter that provides shade and protection for vehicles when they’re parked. It’s like a roof or structure designed to shield cars from the sun and other weather elements, keeping them cooler and protecting them from things like rain, hail, or bird droppings. Think of it as a way to give your car a little comfort and safeguard it from the elements while it takes a break from the road.

Typical car parking shade size is approximately 5.5×2.7m. Parking shades come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. The size of a parking shade can depend on factors like the number of vehicles it’s meant to cover, the layout of the parking area, and the specific design of the shade structure. Some parking shades are designed for a single car, while others can cover multiple vehicles side by side. It’s kind of like how you’d pick an umbrella size based on how many people you want to keep dry – just scaled up for cars. So, whether you’ve got a compact spot or a bigger parking area, there’s likely a parking shade size that fits the bill.

Shading a parking lot is like giving it a big, protective umbrella. You usually do this by installing structures with a roof-like cover over the parking spaces. These structures can take different forms, like awnings, canopies, or overhead frames with some kind of shading material. It’s a bit like creating a cozy spot for cars to chill, shielded from the sun or other weather surprises. The goal is to provide a cool and sheltered area so that cars don’t get too hot or exposed to the elements while taking a break from the road.

The cloth used in car parking shades is often called shade fabric or shade cloth. It’s a special kind of material designed to block sunlight and provide shade. Think of it like a sturdy, weather-resistant blanket for your car, helping to keep it cool and protected from the sun’s rays.