Tensile shades

Tensile shades (tensile shade structures) are just what you need to protect the space from the scorching heat of the sun and harmful UV rays and to keep the area cooler than the surrounding area. Tensile shades offer protection from UV rays, rain and dust. 

We offer all kinds of tensile shades (tensile shade structures) for commercial and residential spaces across UAE. Unlike other tensile shade manufacturers in UAE, our tensile shade structures are designed and produced in full compliance and conformity to British and American standards.

tensile shade structure in UAE

Tensile shades in UAE Since 2009

Since 2009 we are committed to offering high-quality tensile shade structures services by incorporating innovative design and fabrication technologies. Tensile shades are preferred over conventional building due to their lightweight structural stability design derived from their pre-stressed shape while Conventional building uses mass and self-weight concept, tensile shades avoid it. We as a leading tensile shades structures manufacturer in UAE offer all kinds of tensile shade structures designed by our experienced team of engineers and architects who offer a comprehensive range of services including pre-stress analysis, load analysis, concept preparation, detail design, fabrication, and installation with improved quality and safety projections so that the client receive the services they deserve.

All our tensile shade structures are constructed to cope with inclement weather conditions. Which offer desired protection from heat, dust, and other natural elements.

Tensile shade structures are produced using 3 different types of fabrics

  1. Tensile shades using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fabrics
  2. Tensile shades using Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) fabric
  3. Tensile shades using Poly Tetrafluoro ethylene (PTFE) fabric

The above fabrics have their own life span and dedicated properties. Based on the various factors it is being selected by architects, engineers, and consultants. Tensile shade using cables, turnbuckles, shackles, and fabric plates instead of other conventional accessories. It is a most economical and reliable shading solution which is adaptable to fit any shade, size, and weather conditions.

Tensile shade structures features

  • High quality: All fabrics are designed by reputed companies who are leaders and have decades of experience in it. All fabrics are water repellent and weatherproof
  • 95% UV Blockage: Tensile shades protects from harmful UV rays and direct exposure to sunlight. It will block up to 95% or more Ultraviolent radiation 
Tensile shades applications
  1. Educational institutions
  2. Playground area
  3. Beach areas
  4. Parks
  5. Walkways
  6. Commercial and residential building
  7. Hotels and resorts
  8. Shopping malls and many more

What is a tensile shade?

Tensile fabric shading structures in Dubai UAE, also known as “tensile membrane structures,” are purposefully created to serve as incredibly strong structural elements that are both practical and particular to a certain location. Provide complete shade and safety as well. These shaded constructions are aesthetically beautiful and essentially sturdy, with the goal of giving clients durability and strength. The “tensile shade structures” are lightweight and flexible, making it possible to simply bend them into any form and size to meet any type of environment. Due to their low cost, the “tensile membrane structures” in Dubai UAE that are created these days are typically used as roofing.

They have a good appearance, which implies they can hold people’s interest for a while. Smooth walkways, canopies, membrane roofs, skylights, sunshades, and even motorized reactor roofs are all possible uses for these structures. These shades can also be employed as canopies, skylights, sunshades, membrane roofs, covered walkways, and even motorized retractable roofing. Due to their high cost, “tensile membrane structures” are frequently utilized as roofing nowadays in Dubai UAE. They can also see that they can effectively draw attention from far, which is fantastic.

While the idea of the tensile shade construction is not new in Dubai UAE, the technologies employed to make “tensile fabric structures” have advanced significantly in recent years. In reality, the concept of tent construction has been around for thousands of years, and individuals from various historical cultures have choose to employ tents for construction labor and other uses. As the idea of tents changed over time, new kinds of tensile materials were introduced that could be employed to create roofing components. Nowadays, the majority of stress hues are known to be weatherproof, depleting, and easily gathered.

Tensile roofing Structures in Dubai UAE

The needs and creativity of the user might influence how successful and affordable Tensile Roofing Structures are as a roofing solution for huge surfaces. The system’s primary benefit is its lightweight structure, which makes it simple, quick, and easy to transfer anyplace. Your outdoor living space is effectively protected by the roof covering from the sun, wind, rain, and dust.

Galvanized steel components and powder-coated aluminum profiles make up the system (adjustable connecting elements, mountings, etc.). The roof beam tilt angle can be adjusted smoothly, up to 20 degrees, as well as their longitude and transverse movement, thanks to integrated element profiles (heads).

There are several application solutions:

  • Covers for bars and restaurants
  • Entrance and shop canopies
  • Car awnings
  • Sails of shade Terrace and garden structures

Here are a few incredible advantages of using tensile shade structures.

Tensile fabric structures are an aesthetically pleasing and very practical shading alternative, providing designers, engineers, and architects with distinctive traits to experiment with and develop unconventional designs. Tensile shade structures can be utilized for a number of things in addition to coming up with innovative design solutions. Tensile fabric structures are an excellent choice for shading a number of outdoor places, including dining areas, walkways, swimming pools, exhibits, sports arenas, and warehouses, to name a few. Tensile structures can be erected and engineered to provide a number of benefits. Here are a few incredible advantages of using tensile shade structures.

What we do?

Our goal is to create tensile shade structures in Dubai UAE of the highest caliber that are very lightweight because their structural integrity is derived from their pre-stressed shape rather than the mass of the material employed. Our skilled team provides a wide range of services, including load analysis, detail design, concept design, manufacture, and installation, to ensure that each of our clients receives the finest possible professional service. We specialize in building all types of tensile structures.

Every one of our fabric structures in Dubai United Arab Emirates is sturdily built, completely engineered, and permanent to provide years of useful and beautiful outside protection from the elements. With options ranging from silicon-coated woven glass cloth to architectural-grade PVC, we provide a wide range of fabrics. Compared to other materials provided by our competitors, our silicon coated glass promises a longer lifespan. We only use stainless steel that is marine grade for our tensioners and canopy fixers. Many of our fabric structures may be easily and affordably resized or modified in order to fit into your current space.