PVC car parking shade

A PVC car parking shade is just what you need to protect your cars from the scorching heat of summer, frequent dust, and rare water. We at Al Amani Specialty Structures have expertise in the Design, Fabrication, and Installation of all kinds of PVC car parking shades across the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Unlike other PVC car parking shades suppliers and manufacturers, we offer at least 10 years of UV degradation warranty on PVC fabric plus we offer a sturdy steel structure that is designed by experienced architecture and structural engineers with at least 10 years of experience in PVC shades. 

car parking shade in uae

PVC car parking shades features

  1. Sturdy in heavy winds
  2. Protects you from UV radiation and high intensity of hear or UV resistant or cold resistant
  3. Keep the space cool than the outer temperature
  4. Increases lifespan of car paints and dashboards
  5. Create landmarks for the parking area
  6. Maintenance-freePVC or self-cleaning characteristics
  7. 10 years UV degradation warranty by the manufacturer
  8. Economical and best solution
  9. Adaptable to 3d shapes
  10. Aesthetically appealing
  11. 100% waterproof fabric roof
  12. Withstand harsh climatic conditions

PVC car parking shades supplier and manufacturer in UAE

A PVC car parking shade or Polyvinyl chloride fabric car parking shade is a typical park shade in the UAE and GCC region that uses PVC fabric as the roof material which blocks the high intensity of heat coming from the sun and keeps the area cool. PVC car parking shades also protect your cars from dust and rain which ultimately add value to space and increase the lifespan of dashboard and paint

What is PVC or Poly vinyl chloride?

Polyvinyl chloride is the most widely produced synthetic polymer in the world. There is the various application of PVC including in the construction of pipes and fabric because it comes in two different forms one is rigid and the other is flexible. It is also widely applied in plastic bottle manufacturing, nonfood packaging, plastic cards, and many more. Know more here