PVC Tents

We offer all kinds of PVC tents across UAE for residential and commercial purposes. Be it a big PVC tent with a lot of work or a small PVC tent as a minimalist design we design, fabricate, and install all kinds of PVC tents. Unlike other PVC tent companies in UAE, our tent products are heavily built to cope with heavy winds and in full compliance with local and international building codes. Unlike other PVC tents, our tents are specially designed to lead the segment and provide the highest value for the space. 

tents in uae

Features of PVC tents

  1. Sturdy in heavy winds
  2. Doors and windows for excellent ventilation
  3. Rainproof and premium quality
  4. Blocks 97% of UV rays
  5. Simple and Economical
  6. Spacey inside
  7. Able to attain large spans

Application of PVC tents

  1. Sports facilities
  2. Playground area
  3. Parties and Events
  4. Temporary and Permanent facilities
  5. Beach area
  6. Storage facilities
  7. Labor camps

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